About KEYS

The KEYS program operates with the understanding that wellness is for everyone.

KEYS is a Mental Health Capacity Building project that operates in three schools in Strathcona County. KEYS Success Coaches promote a culture of positive mental health and healthy relationships in schools. The main focus of KEYS is to enhance current school efforts in promoting mental health and healthy relationships. In order to do this, KEYS works collaboratively with students, parents, and schools.

How KEYS works with students:
- Co-facilitating mental health/healthy relationship lessons with teachers, activities, and events
- Facilitating connections to community resources
- Mentoring/empowering students in areas of mental health/healthy relationships

How KEYS works with parents:
- Connecting parents with community resources and presentations on topics like conflict, suicide awareness, and social media
- Developing resources for parents that complement the mental health/healthy relationship topics that students are covering in school

How KEYS works with school staff:
- Planning ways to incorporate mental health themes into school curriculum and existing activities/events
- Assisting and mentoring staff with delivering various mental health/healthy relationship lessons
- Working with the school staff to provide mental health supports to students/parents (family events, clubs, resources on school website, etc.)
- Connecting school staff with community resources for presentations, events, professional development, student services, etc.

How KEYS engages the community:
- Outreach to non-project schools when time
- Collaborating on community events
- Organizing community presentations

Managing Holiday Stress

With kids at home, family visiting and a myriad of holiday events, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. We encourage you to check out these websites and learn some tips to support your mental health this holiday season.

-        Managing Holiday Stress: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/stress-eng.php

-        Fact Sheet: Holiday Stress http://www.cpa.ca/docs/File/Publications/FactSheets/PsychologyWorksFactSheet_HolidayStress.pdf

-        Tips for Parents on Managing Holiday Stress: http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/parents-holiday.aspx

Strathcona County’s KEYS program is a Mental Health Capacity Building Project funded by Alberta Health Services and a Healthy Relationships Project funded by Alberta Community and Social Services. Helping to create a supported, safe and connected community.