Student Services maintains a list of students who have offered their services to tutor other students in a wide range of subject areas. We provide contact information to students/families who then make their own arrangements directly with the tutor. If you would like a copy of our most recent list of tutors and tutor websites/ resources please contact Student Services. 

In addition, any students who are interested in tutoring students at the high school, junior high or elementary level are encouraged to sign-up with Ms. Footz and Mrs. Richardson.

The University of Alberta Students' Union maintains a database of tutors. This list is available at http://www.su.ualberta.ca/, select "Student Resources" then "Tutor Listings" then select the letter "H" as all highs school courses are listed there. For example, high school math is listed under "HMATH - Mathematics."

Also iPrepPlus - Home Support to Classroom Learning also offers Grade 12 students home support (at a cost) to their classroom learning through a review of the course material and short video clips of some of the challenging concepts of the course. Students may use the review materials over and over again at home to help study. Courses include: ELA 30-1, SOCIAL 30-1, BIO 30, CHEM 30, PHYSICS 30, MATH 30-1/30-2.  More information can be found on their website at www.iPrepPlus.com or you can contact them on 780-863-7826.