Mental Health

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) offers a series of free, quick, easy-to-use online tutorials.  These tutorials will introduce you to topics concerning substance use and mental health problems.

These tutorials are a starting point for learning about substance use and mental health problems, as well as about factors that are critical to understanding those problems.

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Right By You Guide

It’s a common myth: that talking about suicide may give them the idea. Yet opening up the dialogue is one of the keys to promoting positive mental health and preventing suicide.

Through this resource, the Right By You Guide, we hope to bust the myths around suicide and mental illness and kick-start more meaningful conversations between youth and their parents and caregivers.  Check out for other resources and actions you can take to get youth the mental health support they need.

Ways to Get Loud for Mental Health

Here are some ideas to start you off. Visit our website during CMHA Mental Health Week – – to find out more ways to GET LOUD for mental health.  Click here for more info.