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Grade 8 & 9 M.A.D.D. Canada Presentation

Ardrossan is pleased to present M.A.D.D. Canada’s “The Pact”, a high-energy multimedia presentation about drug and alcohol impaired driving awareness. Thursday September 28th, all grade 8 and 9 students will participate in this exciting event.

M.A.D.D. Canada has been presenting to students since 1994. The hour long presentation combines realistic drama with compelling true stories, told by victims of impaired driving.  The program is designed to reach teens at their level, using their language and their experiences.

“The Pact” tells the story of Zoe who is struggling to fit in and make friends at her new school.  After winding up in detention, Zoe meets a group of people who invite her to a party that night.  At the party, Zoe and James start to really hit it off, and Zoe is feeling optimistic that she is finally making some new friends.  When her ride home ends up having too much to drink it leaves Zoe without a ride home.  Zoe has a car, but she’s been drinking, so she can’t drive.  James offers to drive her and some others home. They aren't  sure it’s a good idea because he’s been smoking marijuana, but Zoe convinces her it will be ok because James didn’t have anything to drink.  On the way home, Zoe can see that James is not ok to drive, but she’s afraid to say something and ruin their new relationship.  The car ends up crashing, changing all of their lives forever and leading to a special pact between the friends.


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